What is going on here? or Have we reached the break point?

Israeli society is facing an unprecedented outbreak of a new type of violence in the past few months. Some might ask: what do you mean? Israeli society has been submerged in violence since the early years of the previous century. Well, for the first time in years no war is taking place no terror acts are being committed, and yet the news report about major violence acts are on a daily base. These acts range from — shooting a person just because he mistakenly brushed shoulders with another person as he walked out of a night club into a group of drunk youngsters — hitting a man who wanted to enjoy a Friday night stroll with his family to death — the senseless shooting of two youngsters in a gay-lesbian community center and the list goes on and on.


            These represent a small sample of the violence acts committed in Israel among its citizens. Politicians, intellectuals, educators and many other Israelis have argued that this phenomenon threatens the unity of Israeli society, and to top it all the media have placed this topic at the center of attention. Regardless, violence became a common aspect of our lives in Israel, stabbings and shootings are a common site every Friday evening at local clubs, gun fights between local gangs amidst innocent civilians, road-rage and drunk drivers out on roads result in multiple casualties mainly during the weekends and so on. Why? What has happened to our society? Is it a seasonal issue and it will pass with the summer heat or should we embrace ourselves for continues violence and harder times?


            Well, while many attempted to explain these violet acts as 'abnormal', a crisis that we all should face together as a society and expect for better times — I do not share this point of view. It was Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz that coined the phrase "occupation corrupts", however, I think not even he imagined what would happen as a result of generations of occupation and the militarization of the Israeli society. Today in face of the current wave of violence I believe there is a direct link between these continues acts of violent and the occupation. Turning young men and women into soldiers at the age of 18, confronting each and every citizen of Israel on a daily base with the possibility of death has turned our society to one that is indifferent in face of violence and death and only recently when these actions were turned against our own citizens we started to understand the depth of the crises. The only way to solve this problem is by an active initiative to promote peace in the region and then turn all the resources inside and start taking care of many social-educational-economic and many other problem that were neglected as a result of the continues war.

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  • nobody  ביום אוגוסט 27, 2009 בשעה 1:08 pm

    First thing first though, that red vertical line on the left of the text is very annoying, being too close to the text. If you can move it further to the left or completely eliminate it, that would be great.

    Now for the issues.
    1. The man beaten to death was beaten mostly by minorities with no military record.

    2. Other high profile cases of violence were committed by teens, again without any military record.

    3. With the very welcome absence of terror in our streets, the threshold has lowered and people are more sensitive to domestic violence than before, it doesn't mean none existed prior to the last few months. Last example that pops into my head is Maayan Sapir, who was murdered by a teen and some failed assassination of top mafia figures that killed innocent bystanders. Again, the underworld exists in many other countries without standing record of occupation or even compulsory military service.

    4. You can't blame occupation just like that. Israel doesn't exist in a vacuum, other countries without standing record of occupation suffer from violence too. Some blame the movie industry, others blame video games yet others blame the dull and lack of excitement in their youth's lives.

    Yes, I agree that violence seems to be peaking lately, especially if the media is your source of information. Then again, with lack of other news, the media will publish things that would've been otherwise left out.
    I would seriously suggest trying more accurate statistics about violence and not take the media as your point of reference.

  • מוני יקים אנטיציוני  ביום אוגוסט 27, 2009 בשעה 1:20 pm

    מי שמתייחס בכבוד לעצמו ורוצה להביע עמדות נחושות חייב להזדהות בשמו המלא אחרת לא ניתן
    להתייחס ברצינות לעמדות המובעות.
    זה קל מידי לזרוק זבל במסווה אנונימי בפרט
    כשהדעות המובעות הן בצד המימסדי של המפה הפוליטית כך שלא פחד מרדיפה מניע את האנונימיות אלא הכוונה השלילית של יצירת אנדרלמוסיה
    חשיבתית ומניעת התפתחות דיונים העשויים לשנות
    את החשיבה הציבורית .

    בחורבן הציונות הכוזרואשכנזית ננוחם.

  • אזרח.  ביום אוגוסט 27, 2009 בשעה 1:32 pm

    Hani,you hit the nail right on the head.

  • הרצל מחלוף  ביום ספטמבר 4, 2009 בשעה 5:57 pm

    ובשביל זה אני לא יודע הרבה על מה שכתבתם שם אבל אני בהיחלט מוכן לחורבן על הציוניות שילכם
    ובבנין פילסטין נתנחם!

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