אונסים רוצחים ומרביצים בערבית ואנגלית….

אז פרסמתי פוסט על המצב בארץ – הרבה כעסו חלק אהבו והמון ביקשו תרגום לערבית ואנגלית…
אז האמא המדהימה שלי עזרה לתרגם לערבית Henia Zubida
ואני עשיתי תרגום חפיפי לאנגלית….
אז בבקשה…תרגישו חופשי להפיץ…

I wrote a post in Hebrew and many asked me to translate it to Arabic and English, my amazing MOM did the Arabic part and I did the English (not as good) – so after the English you will find the Arabic version…please fell free to share…Best hz
In the recent days I was trying to figure out what's going on around me here in Israel – how supposedly intelligent people can bring about so much evil… what brings a group of men to do what they did on Allenby 40? What brings people who grew up in the same society we did to stay on the sidelines and do nothing – while a women is rapped over and over again in a bar?!? How is this possible?
And then comes the attack on the Henkin couple that are murdered in front of their children… I am again struck with astonishment and horror – and the truth should be said that I cannot comprehend how can people detach one act of violence from another…Can't they realize that each violent action leaves deep wounds and scars and eventually sustains the cycles of violence?!?
Just few days passed – and in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem while on their way to the wailing wall Aaron Bennett and Nehemiah Lavi are murdered – the first is attacked and in an attempt to fight the terrorist and save the lives of his wife and two children is killed and the other juped in a heroic act to help the couple and as a result was murdered as well – the event ended up with both men killed and Bennett's wife seriously injured. Again it feels to me like a pattern connecting the Allenby 40 and this event – because in a video that was released we saw people who were at the scene watching and doing nothing to stop the atrocities despite the plea of Bennett's wife…
The third event was a video I saw – in the video you can see a young person standing in front of other people most of them religious jews and some police-officers and at a certain point they shoot the person close range – it was said to be that this person was committing a terrorist act and he was a danger to his environment – hence I can understand that they shoot him in am attempt to protect themselves. However, immediately after the shooting ended people started to chant "Yes! Yes! Death to the Arabs!" Why? What's so good with death of another person? How do those people who were engulfed with pain due to the murder of the couple Henkin, Aaron Bennett and Nehemiah Lavi – can rejoice due to death of another human being? They do not see the incessant cycle of violence? Don’t they understand the ramification of their behavior?
Through it all on Saturday night – a fan of Happoel Tel Aviv FC is attacked after a football game – the organized attack occurred as a result of a feud between two fan clubs Happoel and Beitar Jerusalem. A group of people that have nothing between them and sport decided that it would be fun to attack viciously the fans of another team…so they planned an ambush on Happoel fans – which resulted in one of the Beitar fans hitting a Happoel fan with an Ax smashing it into his skull!!! Why? What is the social code under which those people are acting? How can someone make a connection between this type of action and the realm human beings? Where does this mode of action stems from? How are these people able to continue their lives after such a horrible criminal act? What images run in their heads when they shut their eyes after attacking another human being and smashing his skull? I wonder…
And the cycle of violence did not stop! Last night 15-year-old boy from Kiryat Gat was stabbed and killed in the conflict between toe youth groups… and in addition the news also reported about a stabbing of a man in Eilat….a boy at the age of 15, practically a child that did not even strted his life and will never do – will be buried in the ground because two groups of adolescents fought, probably over something stupid! And honestly, I do not care what the fight was about….a fifteen years old child is dead!
Something bad is happening to our society – unwittingly, we are becoming increasingly violent towards each other – without realizing it we lose the element that connects people where one can find brotherhood, friendship and mutual support between human beings – we became alienated from each other, with no mutual compassion surrounded by social opacity that became the trademark of our society!
If we will continue in this direction in no-time we will turn into a society that devours its inhabitants, a society in which every group and individuals hates the other and eventually behave violently toward each other…and honestly this is not a place where I would like to be a part of and raise my children in…a day like this should send us to ponder and think – that there might be a different solution – maybe our new year resolution should be an individual one and a personal commitment to be a better human being, more patient, less violent and especially open to the various people around us. This is the only way I see us as a society stopping the mad cycle of violence we have to do it, each and every one of us by personal example….we owe it to ourselves and our children!
For better days
Hani Zubida
في الايام الاخيرة حاولت ان افهم ماذا يحدث حولي كيف اناس فاهمون عقليا يقومون باعمال عنف ما هو السبب الذي دفع مجموعة للقيام بهذا العمل في اللنبي 40 وما هو السبب الذي دفع اناس ترعرعوا وتربوا في نفس المجتمع الذي ترعرعنا فيه؟ كيف يمكن هذا؟
وحدوث العمل التخريبي بقتل الزوجان هنكن أمام أعين أولادهم أيضا هناك صدمة اخرى اتلقاها ,في الحقيقة لا أفهم ما هو الفرق بين عنف وعنف آخر,ماذا,لا يعون ان كل عمل كهذايبقي ندوب عميقة ويوسع حلقة العنف ؟
وبعد أيام في قلب القدس القديمة يقتل هارون نبط ونحميه لفي وهما في طريقهما الى الحائط المبكى, الاول يهاجم وهو يحاول أن ينقذ زوجته وولديه, والثاني بعمل جباريحاول مساعدة الاول لانقاذه من براثن الموت , فيقتل الاثنان
أما زوجة بنط فقد اصيبت اصابة بالغة , والمنظر المثير للاشمئزازهو جمهرة الناس الواقفة تنظر دون تحريك ساكن لمنع هذه الفظاعة بالرغم من توسلات زوجة بنط طالبة المساعدة منهم ,هذا هو جوهر الموضوع الذي تحدثت عنه اعلاه.
وبعد كل هذا خلال مساء يوم السبت,اشاهد شريط فيديو وفيه جمهرة من الناس يقفون أمام أناس آخرين يطلقون النار من مسافة شبرعلى شاب ويردوه قتيلا واتضح انه عربي وقد يكون قد رمى حجارة او لا وهنا نسمع اصواتا ملئها الابتهاج "الموت للعرب"… لماذاما هو الشئ الايجابي في موت او مقتل شخص آخر,كيف يحدث هذا ان نفس المجموعة التي است وحزنت موت الزوجين هنكن هارون نبط ونحميا لفي , نفس هذه المجموعة تشجع باصواتها العالية
على موت انسان آخر, الا يفهمون ويدركون ان الذي بيته من زجاج لا يرمي حجر ؟ الا يدركون دائرة العنف التي لاتتوقف ؟
وما عن مهاجمة احد مؤيدي بوعل تل ابيب , ايضا في مساء يوم السبت, وضربه بالشاكوش في راسه…لماذا…تحت اي شفرة هؤلاء يعملون؟ من اين هذه الخسة والدناءة ؟كيف يستطعون الاستمرار في حياتهم بعد قيامهم بهذا العمل الدنئ, اي صور تدور في مخيلتهمبعد اعتدائهم على انسان ؟ اتسائل….
وماذا عن الفتى من كريات جاد الذي طعن وقتل بسبب مشاجرة جرت بين مجموعتين دفن وهو لم يحقق شيئا في حياته بعد, وماذا عن طعن رجل من ايلات . في الواقع انا غير معني بلماذا ولما.
هناك شئ يحدث لمجتمعنا شئ خطير وشرير, نحن نفقد الاساس الرابطبالاخوة والصداقة والاستساغة, نحن نتحول الى مجتمع قاسي القلبوكذلك عتمة اجتماعية تلفنا , نتحول شيئا فشيئا الى مجتمع ينهش بعضه البعض.
مجتمع كهذا يتصرف فيه الناس بكراهية وعنف لا يستساغ فيه العيش.
تعالوا نبحث ونراجع دواخلناولنكن في هذا العام اناس طيبين اكثر ومنفتحين لتقبل الآخر, ومن ثم اغلاق حلقة العنف وذلك بكوننا نموذجا ومثلا طيبا للآخر.
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